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Gary Cowan


Gary Cowan began his wine industry career at E.J. Gallo Winery in the early 1970s as part of its Market Research Team. He performed advertising analysis, and extensive brand testing and packaging studies, developed demographic reports and sales projections, and helped launch E&J Gallo Brandy as a product manager.

His background also includes running his own gourmet and wine retail and restaurant establishment as well as managing the San Francisco Cost Plus and Neiman Marcus wine and food departments.

During the 1990s he worked on both wine export and import projects, and  developed and managed the launch of a new specialty liquor brand.

For over a decade, he served as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Fine Wines International, a highly respected rare wine specialist. He oversaw its transition into the Internet Age with the establishment of an ecommerce website, and guided its impressive growth and development into the new millennium.

Gary Cowan also played a pivotal role in the launching of an ultra-premium Napa Valley winery, Vineyard 7&8. His sales and marketing expertise helped build the brand’s success in the current marketplace.

As a consultant, Cowan brokered the purchase for investment of a major private cellar valued at $1.8mm and oversaw its sales over a three-year period with a return exceeding 25%.

Cowan’s extensive experience in working with basic, premium, and the rarest and finest wines, working with highly specialized supplier networks, establishing relationships with some of the Napa Valley’s top winemakers, and success in working with high net-worth clients, culminated in his co-founding the new venture in 2012, eWineConnect, LLC.