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Two Terroirs


TTB_Frt_4x5_jpgWhat would you do if you were offered an amazing wine that satisfied everything you ever wished for: enticing aromatics that drew you back again and again for another whiff; complex flavors that seemed exuberant and expansive one moment and mysterious and brooding the next; a taste in your mouth you could seemingly savor for minutes and a finish that haunted you long after you swallowed your last sip.  What would you do if you were told that this exquisite wine was sourced from one of the oldest vineyards on Spring Mountain, a vineyard with a long, long history, deep roots and barely sustainable yields.  What would you do if you were told that this wine was made with all the loving attention to detail and knowledge that only one of the most acclaimed winemakers in the Napa Valley could accomplish.  

What would you do if you were told this wine could be yours, and yours alone… but… and a big but…only if you agreed never to mention who made it and never mentioned exactly where it came from or why it was being offered to you.  If you were asked you could say nothing.  The wine would have to do the talking for you. How would you sell such a wine?  What would you do?  We know what we did.  We bought it.And now you can too… 

eWineConnect sources small lots of premium Napa Valley wine from our friends in the industry. We custom blend these lots from different terroirs that result in individual wines that are more than the sums of their parts…

“Because Two Terroirs are Better Than One…”

Two Terroirs Spring Mountain Cabernet… is sourced from several high elevation, old-vine vineyards, planted primarily with  Clone 7 that has consistently produced some of the best Cabernet wines on Spring Mountain. The blends from these vineyards result in a wine of complex aromatics, subtle fruit flavors and a lingering finish. The tannins are fine grained and silky smooth, something difficult to achieve with low-yielding mountain fruit. Aged in predominantly new French Oak barrels for 18-24 months before bottling, Two Terroirs Spring Mountain Cabernet can be enjoyed now, especially if allowed to breathe for a few hours before serving. The wine should age gracefully for another decade or more.

Two Terroirs Spring Mountain Cabernet $60 per bottle

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