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Importing and Distribution


The principals of eWineConnect, LLC because of their lifetime of experience working in all the tiers of the wine industry, are uniquely qualified to import and distribute wines they feel reflect their goals. The Importing and Distribution mission of eWineConnect is to discover unique, small production producers for our clients. The wines from these producers must provide exceptional drinking experiences that most importantly reflect their terroir. We seek producers who practice sustainable farming, without the unnecessary use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Wines from these kinds of producers should be handcrafted in small quantities and reflect the careful attention to detail in the cellar, necessary to producing wines of distinction.

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eWineConnect, LLC

1707 16th Ave, Suite 103
Oakland, CA 94606
Office: 510.434.4329
Sales: 415.846.8040
FAX: 510.533.6185

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Consulting Services


CellarPhotoeWineConnect offers its clients over 75 years of combined experience in virtually all facets of the wine industry. Our experience encompasses extensive work in national and local sales and marketing, importing, wholesale distribution, retail and direct to consumer sales, advertising, market research, copywriting, and graphic design.

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Cellar Management


CellarPhoto2Together, the two principals of eWineConnect have over 75 years of wine industry experience.  As a licensed importer, distributor, and internet retailer we can advise clients on cellar acquisitions and sales, inventory management and cellar evaluation.


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